Coffee Break

Model: Angela

Angela is nothing short of talent or kindness. It was a long time coming for our photo session, but I'm happy we were able to make time for each other! It was such a great day just to stroll around the iconic areas of Gastown as well. 



I'll admit that when it comes down to taking photos, I do get caught up in one style, or a format. I've always felt that I've missed capturing the moment or motion in the subject. Motion is so important within imagery. It can imply direction, mood, and even frame the subject.  

In this set, as a goal I tried to capture as much motion as I can in my model, and it's always great when you have a fantastic partner to work with. Ashley was amazing and took direction perfectly. Not only was this an exercise in capturing movement, but also developing better ways of giving direction because I feel that it is one of my weakest spots. 

Chasing Light

Model: Erica

Makeup & Hair: Beverley Wong 

Fleeting light.
Lingering haze.
Calm evenings,
magical twilight.
Day becoming
a sleepless, stuffy night. 

Are we dreaming?

I've always longed for the summer evenings, and nights. Maybe because of the long dreary, gloomy, rainy seasons that Vancouver seems to be encased in for most of the year. It's not a bad thing. For one, we need the rain, and we need the cooler weather. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels this way, but the city starts to breathe a very different type of energy. 

Because of this, I wanted to capture and recreate the late afternoon, or evening light that streams through the blinds or the tops of trees as the sun recedes behind the horizon. Being winter, it was very difficult without the use of strobes as the light is mostly diffused through the thick layer of clouds. The rain was unbelievable that day, but no one would know unless you looked out the window. 


Model: Christine

Make Up: Beverley Wong

Candid, Untamed, vulnerable

Like a good pair of jeans, they become a part of you. Being worn in by the movement of life, lasting through the good times and the bad. Even the most ordinary of apparel is a staple and a foundation to which we build our life around sometimes. 

With that in mind, I wanted to capture a worn-in look where we can be vulnerable, and let go of our guards. Like the light and shadow dancing, only revealing parts of us to the world, mirrored only in the distress of the denim.