Summer is here, and there is no better way to spend time at a beach than shooting with the most amazing team. 

Showcasing the effortless styles by Tilda was a lot of fun. With so many bold, and beautiful prints, it's hard not to get all wrapped up in the kimonos themselves. Taking full advantage of the breeze sweeping from the waters onto the beach, it was the perfect opportunity to capture movement and flow in the fabrics.  


Model & Styling: Riri

Fashion: Animebae.CO

Being able to style photo shoots have been probably the biggest challenge to me. I'm still learning the ropes especially when it comes to more artistic shoots I'm planning, but I know if I ever needed help I know I can call on my girl Riri. 

It's insane seeing how much she's grown since I've known her. I knew she's got the chops, but her increasing confidence is noticeable every time I shoot with her. I can't thank her enough for helping me out and also encouraging me to keep at it.  

Weekend Dreamin'

Models: Genevieve, kristina & Janice

Make Up & Hair: Beverley Wong

Clothing: Weekendream

Jewelry: Standout Boutique



Showcasing the simple sophistication of Standout Boutique's and Weekendream's pieces in the more historical and rustic parts of Vancouver. 


I had the opportunity to bring together two outstanding local brands, Standout Boutique and Weekendream, for a collaborative shoot with an amazing Make Up Artist, Beverly and three gorgeous models, Genevieve, Kristina, and Janice. 

It's funny how opportunities just appear out of thin air sometimes. Prior to this collaboration, I had never worked with such a team before, and I can say that it was simply amazing with a team of talented people can just come together to create something!

I cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work along side local creatives, and like-minded people in this collaboration.