VFW SS19 - Day 4

Rain, rain, rain.

Day 4 - Thursday

I was a bit worried about the turn out for today as it was forecast to rain all day. Though I suppose Vancouver should be used to it by now (despite how much we complain.)

I think it’s become a bit of a ritual to stake out in front of the venue. Sometimes I feel like as a photographer, I need to “warm up.” Getting into the mindset, and focus (haha - pun intended) is definitely key. This is the time I try to figure out where I’ve settled, and try to push those boundaries before settling into a groove.

I believe that the most exciting part of an event like this is that Vancouverites are definitely not dismayed by the weather when it comes to coming dressed fashionably. Bright colours, and beautiful fabrics stand in contrast to Vancouver’s dreary grey background.