VFW SS19 - DAY 3



I had been warned about the responsibilities as a photographer shooting for Vancouver Fashion Week, and I thought to myself, “Eh, no big deal.” And sure enough, I found myself kicking my own rear during the late night finishing and uploading sprees throughout the week.

I have new found respect to event, journalistic, and sport (Olympics-omg) photographers out there. This is an intense line of work, and I definitely have learned a thing or two in efficiency and batch processing:

Make up your mind on how you are going to take the darn photos.

Get the timing or steps right, and keep that focus sharp. I finally put into practice back button focusing, and I have to say - not my preferred method, but I’ll respect it as faster than regular shutter-focus, in my opinion.

Keep editing to minimum.

It’s not about skin work, or photoshopping things out here and there. Coming into this I had created some presets, however I felt that the original ones were still over processed, so I simplified it even more.

Be decisive, pick the best of the best, and do it quickly.

Pressing the shutter is fine, and heck there’s burst at every photographer’s disposal. Unfortunately, then there are multiple images of one look. Just pick the best; the clearest, the one with the best expression, look of the clothes, and call it a day. There’s no need to upload more than one or two photos of one look. I can definitely get lost in picking out multiples because I am indecisive.