VFW SS19 - Day 5


Day 5 - Friday

Vancouver fashion week is not short on colours. The general consensus for Spring/Summer 2019 colours would be a vibrant yellow paired in with rich greens, and blues. However what always stands out on the runway is red.

The sultry colour has so much passion, and power. Hypnotic in nature, it pulls you in as a detail or a main colour of the fabric.

VFW SS19 - Day 4

Rain, rain, rain.

Day 4 - Thursday

I was a bit worried about the turn out for today as it was forecast to rain all day. Though I suppose Vancouver should be used to it by now (despite how much we complain.)

I think it’s become a bit of a ritual to stake out in front of the venue. Sometimes I feel like as a photographer, I need to “warm up.” Getting into the mindset, and focus (haha - pun intended) is definitely key. This is the time I try to figure out where I’ve settled, and try to push those boundaries before settling into a groove.

I believe that the most exciting part of an event like this is that Vancouverites are definitely not dismayed by the weather when it comes to coming dressed fashionably. Bright colours, and beautiful fabrics stand in contrast to Vancouver’s dreary grey background.

VFW SS19 - DAY 3



I had been warned about the responsibilities as a photographer shooting for Vancouver Fashion Week, and I thought to myself, “Eh, no big deal.” And sure enough, I found myself kicking my own rear during the late night finishing and uploading sprees throughout the week.

I have new found respect to event, journalistic, and sport (Olympics-omg) photographers out there. This is an intense line of work, and I definitely have learned a thing or two in efficiency and batch processing:

Make up your mind on how you are going to take the darn photos.

Get the timing or steps right, and keep that focus sharp. I finally put into practice back button focusing, and I have to say - not my preferred method, but I’ll respect it as faster than regular shutter-focus, in my opinion.

Keep editing to minimum.

It’s not about skin work, or photoshopping things out here and there. Coming into this I had created some presets, however I felt that the original ones were still over processed, so I simplified it even more.

Be decisive, pick the best of the best, and do it quickly.

Pressing the shutter is fine, and heck there’s burst at every photographer’s disposal. Unfortunately, then there are multiple images of one look. Just pick the best; the clearest, the one with the best expression, look of the clothes, and call it a day. There’s no need to upload more than one or two photos of one look. I can definitely get lost in picking out multiples because I am indecisive.

VFW SS19 - Day 2

Street Style in Vancouver


I never really much thought of Vancouver’s fashion scene. When I think of “street fashion” I think if places like L.A., London, New York, Tokyo… but never in my little home town.

Why was that? Is it because of the weather half the time?

This time I challenged myself to look more on the street. Thankfully of course Vancouver Fashion Week is drawing in the most trendy crowd. Admittedly, I am literally throwing myself into the fashion world. Not being the most trendy or fashionable myself, I’m finding the challenges of identifying, and sometimes brushing over the details. However, I can say that after a week of this “bootcamp” I can definitely say I will be taking more note of all the textures, colours, and dare I say brands.

VFW SS19 - Day 1

Vancouver Fashion Week
Spring/ Summer 2019

Day 1 - Monday

Vancouver Fashion Week is back in town with the Spring/Summer 2019 collections, and I am excited to cover as part of the Photography Team. This is my absolute first season attending, and I can’t believe I have never thrown myself into this world sooner!

The talent of local designers, models, photographers, and even the energy is astounding. I will admit, there are some things that I cannot quite grasp in terms of concept, but that is not to say that I cannot appreciate the artistry, effort, and time spent on creating.

Through the week, I will be attending and capturing the energy, interactions, glimpses, and pieces of VFWSS19. Hopefully the photos will speak for themselves.

Coffee Break

Model: Angela

Angela is nothing short of talent or kindness. It was a long time coming for our photo session, but I'm happy we were able to make time for each other! It was such a great day just to stroll around the iconic areas of Gastown as well. 



I'll admit that when it comes down to taking photos, I do get caught up in one style, or a format. I've always felt that I've missed capturing the moment or motion in the subject. Motion is so important within imagery. It can imply direction, mood, and even frame the subject.  

In this set, as a goal I tried to capture as much motion as I can in my model, and it's always great when you have a fantastic partner to work with. Ashley was amazing and took direction perfectly. Not only was this an exercise in capturing movement, but also developing better ways of giving direction because I feel that it is one of my weakest spots. 





Summer is here, and there is no better way to spend time at a beach than shooting with the most amazing team. 

Showcasing the effortless styles by Tilda was a lot of fun. With so many bold, and beautiful prints, it's hard not to get all wrapped up in the kimonos themselves. Taking full advantage of the breeze sweeping from the waters onto the beach, it was the perfect opportunity to capture movement and flow in the fabrics.  


EMPOWERED Vancouver Retreat

Hosted by Lorna Jane Canada with FitApproach

September 29 - October 1, 2017

I had the amazing opportunity to follow FitApproach, and Sweatpink during their EMPOWERED Vancouver Retreat weekend earlier this year in the Fall. The workshop was held at the Lorna Jane with plenty of room for yoga, HIIT workouts, social media, and styling workshops.

It was quite an experience to be with such open minded women from different walks of life together working on themselves and helping each other. The energy, positivity, strength, and smiles of like-minded women coming together for a one weekend workshop was intoxicating. Located in the middle of historic Gastown, I don't think there could have been any better place for the activities planned. 

The goal for me as a photographer during this event was to successfully be able to document the activities were the limitations were pushed, and tested, and to capture new experiences and new successes as they happen. 

Chasing Light

Model: Erica

Makeup & Hair: Beverley Wong 

Fleeting light.
Lingering haze.
Calm evenings,
magical twilight.
Day becoming
a sleepless, stuffy night. 

Are we dreaming?

I've always longed for the summer evenings, and nights. Maybe because of the long dreary, gloomy, rainy seasons that Vancouver seems to be encased in for most of the year. It's not a bad thing. For one, we need the rain, and we need the cooler weather. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one that feels this way, but the city starts to breathe a very different type of energy. 

Because of this, I wanted to capture and recreate the late afternoon, or evening light that streams through the blinds or the tops of trees as the sun recedes behind the horizon. Being winter, it was very difficult without the use of strobes as the light is mostly diffused through the thick layer of clouds. The rain was unbelievable that day, but no one would know unless you looked out the window. 


Little Black Dress Gala

October 20, 2017

I was given the opportunity to attend the Little Black Dress Gala back in October 2017 for the very first time, and I was blown away by the amount of support raised for youths and women through Help Change My City Alliance (HCMC Alliance).  

With so many artists, designers, and performers, I was only able to absorb so much. My favourite part was definitely the fashion show. 

This was also the first time really pushing my little Olympus EM-10 Mkii out in low light settings, and I am definitely loving the way it had captured the colour and movement with such ease! I'm glad I have this as my little travel companion; definitely looking to post more travel or street photos soon on this website!


Model: Christine

Make Up: Beverley Wong

Candid, Untamed, vulnerable

Like a good pair of jeans, they become a part of you. Being worn in by the movement of life, lasting through the good times and the bad. Even the most ordinary of apparel is a staple and a foundation to which we build our life around sometimes. 

With that in mind, I wanted to capture a worn-in look where we can be vulnerable, and let go of our guards. Like the light and shadow dancing, only revealing parts of us to the world, mirrored only in the distress of the denim. 


Model & Styling: Riri

Fashion: Animebae.CO

Being able to style photo shoots have been probably the biggest challenge to me. I'm still learning the ropes especially when it comes to more artistic shoots I'm planning, but I know if I ever needed help I know I can call on my girl Riri. 

It's insane seeing how much she's grown since I've known her. I knew she's got the chops, but her increasing confidence is noticeable every time I shoot with her. I can't thank her enough for helping me out and also encouraging me to keep at it.  


In frame: Ashley

When we think of shooting in Metro Vancouver, we tend to lean towards the downtown area. New Westminster has lots of hidden gems within walking distance from one another!

I shot this set with Ashley at the New Westminster Station during the late morning. It is definitely an interesting place with a central atrium that filters the light down on to the different levels, platforms, and nooks-n-crannies within each a few steps from each other. I love the the different backdrops that this place has to offer. 


In frame: Jenie Gee

Waited for a long time to shoot with this girl! 

Night time photography has always been very captivating for me. As someone who mostly shoots with natural light, it's almost a completely different animal all together. 

The difference in bokeh and even how different light sources would paint the picture and atmosphere. I'll admit at first, when looking at the unedited photos, I was a little disappointed at the lack of colour-depth. But of course in this day and age, that is easily fixed. In fact, post-editing is probably the most important part of night photography. 

The main atrium will be something I will revisit on multiple occasions this year. I love how the light fills the place day and night and how different it can look depending on the time of day. 

En Pointe

In frame: Erika

For the first session of 2018, I was able to shoot with Erika again and capture her elegance in pointe shoes! I had no idea she was such a ballerina. It was a huge treat and honour to be able to capture it. 

The elegance and form in ballet is something truly exceptional. I wouldn’t know how hard it is to keep on those tip-toes without having seen it in real life. Erika makes it look so effortless in this case!

Weekend Dreamin'

Models: Genevieve, kristina & Janice

Make Up & Hair: Beverley Wong

Clothing: Weekendream

Jewelry: Standout Boutique



Showcasing the simple sophistication of Standout Boutique's and Weekendream's pieces in the more historical and rustic parts of Vancouver. 


I had the opportunity to bring together two outstanding local brands, Standout Boutique and Weekendream, for a collaborative shoot with an amazing Make Up Artist, Beverly and three gorgeous models, Genevieve, Kristina, and Janice. 

It's funny how opportunities just appear out of thin air sometimes. Prior to this collaboration, I had never worked with such a team before, and I can say that it was simply amazing with a team of talented people can just come together to create something!

I cannot express how grateful I am to have the opportunity to work along side local creatives, and like-minded people in this collaboration.

And Breathe

In frame: Aiko Fusaki

Where do I begin?

I honestly have never thought much about photography other than "just a hobby" for the majority of my life. I was always the one with the camera among my friends, and family, taking snapshots at gatherings. Not until I started a little thing called cosplay photography had it sparked a greater interest in fashion, and even editorial photography. 

I am indefinitely fortunate to have friends, and to have made friends, who are also as deeply interested in photography as I am. 

It was only at the beginning of 2017 had I had the opportunity to meet with like minded individuals, and take my first steps into this world. I've learned a lot along the way: conceptualising, location scouting, styling, and finally meeting and booking models...etc. I won't lie. I was overwhelmed but it seemed like a few of us knew what we were doing. 

I decided to take this year to really flush out exactly what I wanted to pursue in this industry, and honestly without this experience, the trial and errors, I still would have no idea. It was honestly overwhelming at first, and there are some aspects that I am still very intimidated by. But I'm happy to have these experiences. It means growth is imminent.

And I for one, I hate being stagnant.